Billy Bootstrap and Booting

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This character is one of the key figures around whom a story hinges and though this character does not say much or act out much in the trilogy ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, Billy Bootstrap was sure known to have done a few valiant acts that sent him to his doom. Pulling oneself by his bootstraps means that one does all he can to lift himself up from his present sorry states and climbs up the ladder of success slowly but surely. In our world of computers and terminology related to computers, one finds that booting is the process by which a computer loads its programs from its repository memory on to a main memory so that it is accessible to a customer for immediate use. Though one knows this terminology, at times he is faced with a problem of his computer not booting up and it is then he faces a crisis.

Warning messages and more

At times one stares at messages such as “Disk failure, insert boot disk and try again” and as soon as one reads these messages, his blood pressure begins to rise and his brain wheels being turning towards obtaining the fastest and best solution to be found on the internet. Usually one is provided with a Windows recovery USB /CD/Disc/Disk on having purchased a computer. However, one can find that even this CD does not work and one is forced to find a third party solution for his problem. At this point, Wondershare’s Disk utility programs come of use and its live boot CD or Live boot USB help with Windows recovery. One can visit Wondershare’s disk utility home page and find out about this Windows recovery disk, which is actually a program that can be downloaded from its website on to a user’s disk or USB. Once this program is loaded onto his CD, he can insert it into his computer and make it boot directly from his Windows recovery CD.

Types of computer crashes

There are many types of crashes that a computer can face and they invariably begin with a blank black screen. Some of the crashes are boot crash, loading crash and random crash. Some of the reasons for boot crash are hard disk boot failure, not able to read the operating system, invalid partition table and / or many more reasons like missing system files or errors in loading its operating system. While these errors are present, a system refuses to boot up and it becomes essential for external intervention.

With such Windows recovery disk at his disposal, a user need not worry about disk crashes or having to spend hundreds of dollars in getting his system fixed and having to reboot the entire system again. He need not lose his data wither as he can instantly reboot his computer from his Windows system recovery disk which he has made from Wondershare’s utility website. This recovery disk can help boot his system directly from the disk and can unlock all locked compartments n his computer without much hassle.

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Billy Bootstrap and Booting

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Billy Bootstrap and Booting

This article was published on 2011/12/16